marketing support

marketing support

Facilities to Pharma Pcd Party, Franchise, Marketing Team and Distributors

  Promotional Material Provide by Lichem Pharmaceuticals

  We Shall Provide Free Visual Ads And M.R. Bag Available With Logo Free Of Cost Along With Your First Order and At Joining Time of Job.

  We shall provide you the below mention promotional materials

  •   Pharma Products Visual-Aid With Detail
  •   Pharma Products Marketing Bag
  •   Pharma Products Promotional Literatures
  •   Chemist Order Book
  •   Visual Profile For Company
  •   Company Visiting Cards
  •   Pharma Products Reminder Cards
  •   Company Product List
  •   Postal Envelope
  •   Small Gifts Calendars & Diaries
  •   Sample Cover For Products For Doctor
  •   Final Sample With Products
  •   Free Sample Kit For Our Choice Able Prod
  •   Pens
  •   Company Letterhead
  •   Gifts On Business Basis
  •   Prescription Pad For Doctors And Chemists
  •   Pharma Products Quality Paper On Demand Basis
  •   Pharma Products Knowledge With Full Detail
  •   Visiting Card & Company Logo (For Car & Bike)
  •   Web Site Support For Products Introduction In Market
  •   Thanking Letter For Doctors And Chemist
  •   New Products Introduction By Sms ,Face Book ,And Other Social       Media
  •   Advertising On Different Type Of Print Media Time By Time
  •   New Product Suggestion Accepted And Work On It
  •   On Quality Concern We Get Suggestion From Market And Improve       Products When It Require